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Created in March 2013, Contemporary Issues and Geography produces maps, charts and infographics on a wide array of geopolitical topics.

Louis Martin-V├ęzian is a member and the co-president of the French chapter at and is currently looking for internship opportunities.



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The maps and graphics you can find on this website are original creations, you can send an email for usage permission or special requests at this email address: lmv.cig(at)

The USN and USMC Infographics are available for purchase, international shipping.

Our posters are available for digital download or licensing,
contact for details.

You can use our graphics on blogs if you follow our crediting rules (which are available here, we keep the right to change them at anytime). Direct mail contact beforehand is preferable).

For Blogs:

You must include as early as possible in your article:
-Link to our blog (and the related article where you find the graphic).
-Mention about our other graphics.
-Mention of the sale of our USN graphic. 

For News Outlets / Web Magazines:

Contact me at lmv.cig(at) Agreements found on case per case basis.

If your article does not follow those rules and/or does not bring us full satisfaction, you must delete your article. Restrain from using our graphics if you can not follow those rules.

Please contact us for additional crediting/licensing informationlmv.cig(at)

CIGeography published or mentioned in:

Licensing to GE Aviation

Published by the African Defence Review

Published by USNI

Printed in several AEROSPACE issues

Sourced in STRATFOR

Sourced in TheGuardian

Published in
Russia in Syria
Soviet and Russian fleets

Published by
USN Air Arm
The role of navies in the Yemeni conflict
Cyclone Pam
The situation in Ukraine

Mentioned in WarOnTherRocks
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published in Popular Mechanics
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